About our company


PayRetail Data Processing Service is a 100% Filipino-owned company established in 2019 to primarily cater accepting bills payments of Filipinos - with all-Filipino brilliant minds to create the software, design the device, and organize the system.

To this day, the Philippines is concentrated on cities where banks and retail establishment caters payment transactions. Majority of Filipinos travel approximately an hour just to reach the payment center and will take another two hours or more to pile up the line; not to mention the travel back home, which will take another average of an hour – that makes it almost half day just to pay the bills. Reaching out to local retailers in Barangays, PayRetail innovates a device that is powered by ECPay – the leading payment gateway provider. Now, to a more affordable price, the Filipinos has more of the convenience in paying their bills while making more out of their time.

PayRetail features more Billers on Electricity, Water, Cable, Government Agencies, Credit Cards, Insurances, Gaming Pins, ePins, Airline, Schools, Money Transfers, and much more! Highlighting a better feature to book local Airline Tickets, PayRetail caters this facility, too!

Likewise, PayRetail also is a POS (Point Of Sale) device that serves as a cash register and inventory system. Best for local businesses, the Merchant now has a better facility to monitor their Daily Sales without the hassle of manual method – a more efficient, effective, and user-friendly technology that also avoids the probability of theft among the Merchants’ staffs.

The device is modern enough, yet traditional in printing receipts for the customers. What’s more is that it has a built-in camera to scan Barcodes and QR Codes.

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